What is the Best Coffee to Burn Fat?

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People are very conscious of their excess fat.  Many are becoming more educated regarding the risks of belly fat.

There is not one magic bullet that will solve all of our weight problems.  Eating the best fat burning foods and doing the best fat burning exercises are very important.

But drinking the right kind of coffee can also be a major factor in fat burning. 

So what is the best coffee to burn fat?

It’s important to know that coffee actually causes fat storage.  This is the case even if we drink our coffee black.  Why should we drink coffee for energy when it adds fat to our body?

The solution is to drink a thermogenic fat burning coffee.  There is only one coffee of this kind in the world.

The key component is a buffered caffeine.  Buffered caffeine helps you to lose weight safely and effectively.  You still get the energy that you receive from any caffeinated drink.  But this energy is not in the form of a quick boost and a fall off later.  Instead it provides a long term sustained energy.

The coffee is low glycemic meaning that it does not boost sugar and insulin levels.  The coffee is diabetic-friendly.

In addition, you do not suffer from jitters and sleep problems some get from regular coffee.  For 40 years I wasn’t able to drink coffee because of these reasons.  Today I can drink this fat burning coffee all day long with no ill-effects.

I recently read an article that talks about 5 healthy foods.  The article is entitled, “5 Surprisingly Healthy Foods” and is written by Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD.  A brief quote from the article is found below:

Your morning cup of coffee not only helps wake you up, it may have health benefits. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the brain and nervous system, and may lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, mood problems, headaches, and even cavities.

Coffee contains many beneficial substances including chlorogenic acid, a compound in the antioxidant family that may improve glucose (sugar) metabolism. Another perk is that coffee contains magnesium, a mineral that can also improve insulin sensitivity and enhance glucose tolerance.

“Coffee may therefore, in some people, help thwart type 2 diabetes,” says Zied.

The entire article can be read here.  Ms. Zelman does a good job in discussing surprising fat burning foods.  She talks about the potential positive effect it may have on those with Type-2 diabetes.

But she is probably not familiar with the benefits of fat burning coffee and actually what is the best coffee to burn fat.

I welcome any comments and questions.

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